Example of 1:1,250 Scale Site Location Plan:

1:1250 Scale Site Location Plan

1:1250 scale plans are needed for many planning applications, they can be submitted electronically or by hard (paper) copy to your local council.

Our 1:1250 Scale Site Location Plans use the best quality Mastermap® data set, the are guaranteed for planning and for the Planning Portal.

File Format PDF, Word Doc, Jpeg
Data Set Ordnance Survey Mastermap
Scale 1:1,250
Additional Features North Arrow, Scale Bar
Suitable for Planning Permission, Building Warrants, Listed Building Permission, Land Registry
Use on Planning Portal, Scottish Planning Portal, E Building Standards Scotland
Paper Submission To your local council
Colour Options Colour, Black and White
Shapefile Shapefile available free
Licence Information Ordnance Survey Licence Number, Unique Plan Reference
Delivery File sent instantly by Email
Area Covered from 141m x 141m
Print Copies Free with every purchase
Price from £13.00

If you already have a 1:1250 scale plan, check it against our diagram

1:1250 Scale Samples

Download a sample map, choose from one of our standard sizes and file formats.

1:1,250 scale 2 hectare site location plan

Download PDF

MS Word


1:1,250 scale 4 hectare site location plan


MS Word


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