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Site Plans and Location Plans 

UK Planning Maps is a quick and easy source of maps and plans for your planning applications. We offer maps in a full range of scales and formats.

Selecting your map is easy. Our website works on all computers, and all browsers – no specialist software is needed.

You can highlight areas in a red or blue boundary and add your own notes.

Most customers place their orders within 3 minutes with our simple online ordering process. Plans are ready to download immediately, whatever time of day you place your order.

With every order we automatically offer 6 free prints of your map in addition to your electronic copy, just select the tick box when ordering.

Your Free Guide to Planning Applications.

Please read our Free Guide to preparing your Planning Application, we recommend you read this in full and watch the accompanying video.

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Our Customers Say

4.51 Average

847 Reviews

Mr Parnell

Perfectly satisfactory map and good for the building warrant application. Thank you

Posted 20 hours ago

Mr Vasilev

Quick and easy to recive, the information which i need.

Posted 3 days ago

Mr Martin

On the whole, the quality of the images was good. However, whilst trying to prepare the Location and Site documents, there was no clarity on how this should be done. There were plenty of references to the content of what should be submitted, but there were no guidelines on how to do this; edit the image to identify extension, then how do you incorporate that in the pdf file containing the copy right, location etc?

Posted 5 days ago


Easy to access, use & prepare for purchase.

Posted 1 week ago


Excellent service, simple and fast. What would have helped was guidance on the scale of map required for Planning applications

Posted 2 weeks ago


Excellent,rapid results and great service for a quality product with easy interpretation at the right price, will definitely recommend, especially for planning applications, well done!.

Posted 1 month ago

Mr Cooper

Not so Computer Savvy as I would like to be so the lady at the end of the phone did the map for me! She was very helpful and it was much appreciated! I had the finished map a couple of minutes later by email

Posted 1 month ago

Mr Juchau

Quick, easy and cheap. What more do you want?

Posted 1 month ago


Good and quick

Posted 1 month ago

Mr Dunne

Service very good, but could offer more free enquiries for investigation purposes. Support by telephone was both very good and prompt. Rate the support at Five Star.

Posted 1 month ago

Mr Kang

There service was Very fast I got my map within minutes

Posted 1 month ago

Mr Maudsley

Very quick and simple to complete, received the map via e mail within seconds

Posted 1 month ago

Mr Gibbon

Quick and easy

Posted 1 month ago

Mrs Byers

Got what required at reasonable price.

Posted 1 month ago


Efficient website, easy to use.

Posted 1 month ago

Mr Collins

Map does exactly what I asked in terms of size. The only down side is that I purchased it in order to impose a proposed extension on the rear but the house name is so large and in the way that I couldn’t do it. A feature should be used to change house name size/location in order to facilitate this.

Posted 1 month ago

Mr johnstone

Really easy to use... Despite this I manged to make a mess. Contacted support by email. They solved my error in no time at all.

Posted 2 months ago

Ms Dunne

A very helpful and friendly service that met my needs quickly. Thank you!

Posted 2 months ago


simple and intuitive and reasonable cost. No complaints. woudl recommend and re use in future

Posted 2 months ago


Very quick and easy to use. The map was exactly what I was after.

Posted 2 months ago

Mr Garry

A quick, friendly, and professional service.

Posted 2 months ago

Why choose UK Planning Maps?

Homeowners and Professionals alike rely on UK Planning Maps to provide the map they need at unbeatable value for money.

  1. Our Maps are guaranteed Planning Application Compliant. All our plans are correctly licensed, scaled correctly, and carry the North arrow required for your planning application.

  2. Every Map we produce uses high quality, up to date Mapping. We are an official Ordnance Survey Licensed partner and our maps use their professional grade Mastermap® data.

  3. Its Quick and Easy to order our plans online. Most of our customers place their order within 3 minutes from start to finish, with instant download and delivery to your email inbox 24 hours a day.

  4. Excellent Prices. We work hard to keep our prices as low as possible, while offering quality mapping and service.

  5. Easy to select the Scale you need. Simply select from the following planning approved scales; 1:200, 1:500, 1:1250 and 1:2500