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Any Size Mastermap® Plans

We can create any size plan you need and at any scale you require. All of our bespoke plans use Ordnance Survey’s Mastermap® Data.

Large Areas

Our bespoke mapping service is ideal if you require a detailed map of a very large area. We can export any size of Mastermap®, either as a Vector file (DXF and DWG formats) or as a Standard file (PDF, Word or JPG). Our Standard files are formatted for printing, and we can send printed copies if you need.

Flexible Scales

Perhaps you require an area larger than 90m x 90m at 1:500 scale, or even 1:200 scale. We can create any area you need at any scale.

Delivery Times

Each bespoke map is prepared by hand, by one of our experienced team. This is typically ready for you within 3 business hours.


Our bespoke mapping service is very competitively priced. Get a quote for your project.

Available formats

Our bespoke maps are available in the following formats









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