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Site Plans

UK Planning Maps offers a quick and easy way to purchase your site plan online. Our site plans are designed to meet the requirements for Planning Applications and the Planning Portal. 

Each of our site plans has the following features:

  • Most up to date and comprehensive mapping available online
  • Standard metric Scale
  • Scale Bar
  • North Arrow
  • Site outlined in Red (if selected)
  • Additional Areas owned by applicant outlined in Blue (if selected)
  • Details of the Ordnance Survey License for your plan
  • Centred on your development site


Our site plans are ready to download in less than 3 minutes.

Site Plans are also known as Block Plans.

1:200 Scale Site Plans

Our 1:200 scale site plans fit on to A4 paper. These cover an area of 36m x 36m on the ground. This size is ideal for small developments.

1:500 Scale Site Plans

Our 1:500 scale site plans fit on to A4 paper. These cover an area of 90m x 90m on the ground. This size site plan is used for medium sized developments.

Bespoke Site Plans 

We can make 1:200 scale and 1:500 scale site plans to fit any standard size of paper. These can cover in excess of 10 hectares if needed. These plans are used for large developments. To enquire please see our bespoke maps page.

Site Plans by Phone

If you prefer, we can make your site plan for you, give us a  call on 01856 898 022 and we'll take your order by phone.


Requirements of a Site Plan for Planning

To be suitable for your planning application your site plan must show the whole of the development site, to a standard metric scale. It must be a standard paper size, and scale exactly when printed. 

There are a number of items that must be shown on the site plan, e.g. buildings, roads, footpaths on and adjacent to the site. 

The site plan should clearly show your proposed development.

For a comprehensive guide to creating your Site plan please click here

 A full definition of Site Plan can be found here.


Location Plans

We also offer a full range of Location plans, you can choose to add this to your site plan order.

Site Plan or Block Plan At a Glance

Normal Scales: 1:200 and 1:500

Paper Size: A4 or A3

Coverage: 36m x 36m or larger

File Type: PDF or Printed copies

Must include: North Arrow, Scale, Licence Number

Colour Format: Colour or Black and White

Should show entire development site 

For more details on Site Plans please our Guide to Site Plans page

Annotated Site Plan
SitePlan Reviews

4.95 Average

21 Reviews

Helen M Oldfield

The system was quick and easy to understand (even for someone not super IT-literate); and the end product was just what I needed.


I thought the system was very easy to use. Very well explained on how to use the map I bought the map from my phone browser and the page rendered so I could still see the map in full. I received the map with 5 minutes of purchase which also helped me with speed on the planning side as I was also in a rush. Overall very good experience 5* review

p d whittle

as a novice user i found it simple to use, allowing me to apply for planning myself saving me £300 in fees

Mr. Eric Godber

Efficient service, immediate download of pdf.

Mrs Lewis

Excellent service! Extremely quick and very good value for money.

Mrs Enstone

When i heard I needed a plan for my building warrant I thought it was going to be a nightmare but UK planning maps made it easy and to mark out our site as well. brilliant.

Mrs KC Lamb

Fast and efficient. Easily got the correct map to submit with our planning application. Excellent service! Thank you.

Mr C Williams

Clear, concise and very helpful. The purchasing process was easy and exact. I will no doubt visit this site again


Ordering online was a quick and simple process. The plans comply with the requirements of the local planning office. Having the site and location plans as paper copies as well as computer files is a great advantage for home users who don't have easy access to a colour laser printer or copier.

Mr Wilkins

As a private individual I have submitted planning permission before and if I am honest cobbled together my own maps successfully. My recent planning application was sent back to me as the site and block plans were not official Ordinance Survey type and advised that these were now a requirement of planning permission applications. So I trawled round the internet and settled on UK Planning Maps mainly on the criteria of price. Constructing the maps online was very easy, you just put in your postcode and voilà I played around a whilst and put the red line around my property boundary (a planning requirement) ticked that I wanted six paper copies sent to me (very reasonable cost) and duly paid and downloaded. I realised that I had made a mistake re the map I had put red outline round, in that I didn't save it before downloading so therefore the red line was missing. I contacted UK Planning Maps support via email and within the day I had a reply that they had done this for me with the amended maps attached to the email, so excellent support! So I have no hesitation in saying that I am a very satisfied customer and will definitely use UK Planning Maps in the future.

Mrs Skerrett

I found UK Planning Maps extremely easy to use. I could navigate the site really easily and find the exact size of maps I required. The tools were simple, but sophisticated enough to produce what I needed. The pricing was reasonable, and the product arrived promptly which allowed me to speedily continue my planning application. I would gladly recommend UK Planning Maps and use them in the future.

Mrs Riesebeck

Easy to use site, had a problem with printed map, customer support sorted immediately, changed the scale for me, sent new one

Mr Feldon

Very user friendly web site Easy to locate plan needed Quick ordering and plan sent over immediately Free hard copies (Excluding Postage) very useful


The site was easy to coordinate and to be able to draw out on the map was really helpful for our planning application.


Very user friendly site, had to submit site proposal drawing for the local council and Uk planning site made it straight forward.


Quick and effective service, delivered maps the Land Registry were unable to in less than 10 minutes, had I found this site first I would have saved myself hours of wasted time!


We have a situation where a small polytunnel needs Planning permission on a large-ish site and so we needed site plans. We had some intial difficulties, but a phone cal sorted everything out, we got our plans downloaded and the had even better copies sent to us. Hopefully this is well above the requirements of our local planners. Lamancha Hub Gardener's Club

Mr Harrison

It is the first time I have used UK Planning Maps and I found the site easy to navigate and the quality of the information provided was fit for purpose. I had a query on the service and the map data and again when I called the advice line the staff member who assisted me was very helpful and my question was answered there and then. Would recommend the service to others.

Miss Gore

Fabulously easy way to obtain the map I needed. Easy to use website. Clear instruction & clear maps. Quickly received a receipt & email confirmation with the map attached. What's not to like about this site?

Mr Haydon

quick and easy to use the site

Mrs Esmail

Having trawled through the net for forty minutes trying to locate the site the council had told me I needed it was useless. I tried other online mapping sites but still couldn't get what I needed until I found this site. It was really easy to use. Thank you and well done.

Why choose UK Planning Maps?

Homeowners and Professionals alike rely on UK Planning Maps to provide the map they need at unbeatable value for money.

  1. Our Maps are guaranteed Planning Application Compliant. All our plans are correctly licensed, scaled correctly, and carry the North arrow required for your planning application.

  2. Every Map we produce uses high quality, up to date Mapping. We are an official Ordnance Survey Licensed partner and our maps use their professional grade Mastermap® data.

  3. Its Quick and Easy to order our plans online. Most of our customers place their order within 3 minutes from start to finish, with instant download and delivery to your email inbox 24 hours a day.

  4. Excellent Prices. We work hard to keep our prices as low as possible, while offering quality mapping and service.

  5. Easy to select the Scale you need. Simply select from the following planning approved scales; 1:200, 1:500, 1:1250 and 1:2500