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Block Plan

What is a Block Plan and why do I need one?

Nearly all planning applications must include a block plan and a location plan; failure to submit valid plans is the main reason why planning applications are rejected by planning authorities.

Both block plans and location plans provide information on the development, but there are important differences between them:

  • Block plans, also known as site plans, show the development site and its immediate surroundings in detail, including the boundaries of the site and nearby buildings. The specific requirements are detailed below.
  • Location plans are not as detailed as block plans. Their main purpose is to identify the location of the development rather than the development detail.

Both location plans and block plans must be based on a current Ordnance Survey Map.

This guide explains the applications that require a block plan, the kind of information you must include and how you can create and buy the plan you need from us to attach to your online application. We also supply six hard copies with each order. If you are posting your application, three copies of your Block Plan plus the original are required.

Applications that require a block plan

The following always require a block plan:

  • Planning applications concerning the development of a building such as a house or commercial building; changes of use of buildings and land
  • Planning applications for the demolition of buildings larger than 115 cubic metres and boundaries such as gates and fences in a conservation area (note that this requirement has replaced Conservation Area Consent
  • Building control applications that involve structural work (but not simple domestic work)
  • Prior notice applications for proposed agricultural and forestry developments including roads and buildings
  • Land Registration applications including land registration and change of ownership

In some circumstances a block plan may or may not be required. This applies to:

  • Planning applications to connect to utilities including electricity, gas and water. Note that you will always need a block plan for connecting to a sewer.
  • Entertainment and other licence applications are likely to require a block plan, but not in all circumstances so check with your licensing authority.

Block Plan Requirements

Block plans must conform to a set of specific requirements; if they fail to do so your application will almost certainly be refused.

The plan should indicate the direction of north. It must be drawn to a standard specified metric scale; typically, scales are at 1:100, 1:200 and 1:500. The proposed development must be shown along with the site boundaries and any other buildings that are located on the site. The dimensions of the buildings and boundaries must also be shown. 

If any of the following are influenced or affected by the proposed development, the plan must show:

  • Roads, footpaths and buildings on adjoining land including ways of access 
  • Any public rights of way including those that cross or adjoin the site
  • Trees on both the site and adjacent land
  • All hard surfacing including the type of structure
  • Proposed boundary structures including walls and fences

For planning applications, you can submit Block Plans in either black and white or colour.

Obtaining your Block Plan

You can create and buy your block plan directly from this website and attach it to your online application. If you are posting your application, three copies of your Block Plan plus the original are required. We can supply six copies in either black and white or colour with each order.

Other features include:

  • You are able to view your plan before you purchase it
  • You can annotate the plan and highlight boundaries 
  • Plans are provided in the right format for attaching to your application
  • You can purchase your plan immediately when you need it

Please read through the information on this page to ensure you select the Block Plan you need. If you need any help creating your Block Plan please give us a call on our helpline 01856 898 022.

Why you should buy a Block Plan from us

We use Ordnance Survey Matermap® data which is the best data available for your Block Plan and is guaranteed to be acceptable by planning authorities. When you buy a Block Plan from us we guarantee that it will be accepted by all Local Planning Authorities for planning applications. We are also competitively priced.


  • The plan is created using current Ordnance Survey mapping 
  • It is correctly scaled 
  • The correct license is in place 
  • The plan is completely up to date 
  • It has not been used for a previous application 
  • It is correctly marked up

Submitting an invalid plan will delay your application and could cost you money.

There are a number of other applications you may need a block plan for, please see our Applications that require a Site Plan  page for more details and call us if you need further details.

What Maps are used for Block Plans?

We use Ordnance Survey Matermap® data. We can confidently say this is the best data available for your Block Plan. Heres what Ordnance Survey say about their Mastermaps® 

"It is a continually updated database, containing 450 million geographic features found in the real world..." read more

All of our Site / Block plans are guaranteed to meet your council's requirements for planning applications.

Example of Block Plan rejected by Council

A Block Plan rejected by Council for planning purposes

Example of Acceptable Block Plan

Example of a Block Plan or Site Plan