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Ordnance Survey Mastermap® Data

We are an official, licensed Ordnance Survey partner; we sell the best quality OS mapping data available on the market. Our maps are suitable for professional users as well as for individuals usage.

We exclusively offer plans based on Ordnance Survey’s Mastermap® data for all our site plans and location plans.

OS Mastermap data includes TOIDS

Every feature has a unique reference, or Topographic Identifier (TOID). These TOIDs include features such as buildings, roads, pavements, post boxes, landmarks and areas of land.

There are over 400million individual features in the OS Mastermap database.

Ordnance Survey update our Matermap® Data every 6 weeks, we always have the most upto date mapping data available in the market place.

Mastermap® for Planning Applications

Due to the comprehensive nature of the Mastermap® database Ordnance Survey meets Planning Departments’ stringent criteria.

Available Formats

We offer Ordnance Survey Mastermap® plans in the following formats:

  • PDF
  • Word
  • Jpeg
  • DXF
  • DWG

Mastermap® Samples and Prices

To see a full range of our maps and download samples please see our prices page


All plans we produce carry the correct license statements for use. Along with the scale, Northing and OS Eastings / Northings bounding the area.

Any size Ordnance Survey Mastermap® at any scale.

Additionally if you require a size or scale not listed on our website please give us a call and we will be happy to create the plan you need. For more information on our bespoke plans please see bespoke plans.