Site Plan or Block Plan At a Glance

Normal Scales: 1:200 and 1:,500

Paper Size: A4 or A3

Coverage: 36m x 36m or larger

File Type: PDF or Printed copies

Must include: North Arrow, Scale, Licence Number

Colour Format: Colour or Black and White

Should show entire development site 

You will need a site plan for…

Planning Applications

Most planning applications will require a site plan (also called a block plan) and a Location Plan. You will need to submit a planning applications for new developments, such as building a house, extending a house, adding a conservatory or extension. You will also need to submit a planning application to change the use of land or buildings such as converting an office to residential use. Additionally demolishing a building in England may require planning permission.

Listed Building Consent

If you own a listed building you will need Listed Building consent for any works that in the view of the planning authority alter the character of the building. This can even include repainting windows and doors or putting up a satelite dish.

For more information on Listed Building Consent please see the following links:
Listed Building Consent Scotland
Listed Building Consent Planning Portal

Conservation Area Consent

In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland you will need Conservation Area consent if you wish to demolish any or part of a building in a Conservation Area. In scotland most works to the outside of a building or structure in a conservation area will require planning permission. To obtain this consent you will need to submit a Block Plan.

For more details on Conservation Area Consent please see the following links:
Conservation Area Consent Scotland 
Conservation Area Consent Planning Portal

Prior Notification applications

Developments involving Telecommunications, demolition, agriculture and forestry may require a prior Notification Application to be made. If you do need to submit a Prior Notification Application you will likely need a Site Plan and Site Location plan. The requirements vary depending on your local authority so it's best to seek advice from your planning department prior to any work.

Building Control applications

Building Control applications are required for most structural work and sometimes to extend electrical or heating systems. More Details on what is required can be found at the Planning Portal Website

Applications need to be made under the Building Regulations if you are proposing to undertake many forms of structural work (including new-build and alteration) or, in some cases, alter or extend electrical or heating systems.

Land Registration applications

To register ownership or leashold of land, or to transfer land the Land Registry will need an accurate Ordnance Survey plan. Often they will require a 1:500 scale plan, although they may need a 1:1250, 1:2,500 or 1:5,000 scale plan if the area is larger.

It is important to note that the Ordnance Survey plan is only the basis for your land registry plan, the boundaries shown by Ordnance Survey do not show the precise extent of ownership that a title Deed Plan would show.

For Land Registry purposes, these plans are normally prepared in Black and White.

Guide to preparing plans for Land Registry Applications

You might also require a site plan for the following applications:

  • Connecting to utilities such as water, gas or electric
  • Licence applications such as an entertainment licence

Our site plans are suitable for all applications above. If you have any questions or would like to place an order by phone please give us a call on 01856 898 022

All site plans should be

  • Clear 
  • Accurate
  • Up to date
  • At an appropriate scale

Where can you get more help?

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