Site Plans or Block Plans are required for most planning applications. They show your proposed development at a standard metric scale, which is usually 1:100, 1:200 or 1:500.


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Can I get a Free Site or Block Plan?

Yes, you can, but it will involve quite a lot of work. You will need to create your own map from scratch.

To be suitable for planning you'll need to make sure your site plan covers the following items – unless they would NOT influence or be affected by the proposed development:

  • All buildings, roads and footpaths on land adjoining the site including access arrangements.
  • All public rights of way crossing or adjoining the site.
  • The position of all trees on the site, and those on adjacent land.
  • The extent and the type of any hard surfacing.
  • The boundary treatment including walls or fencing where this is proposed.

Your site plan will need to be scaled to 1:100, 1:200, or 1:500 scale. It will need to fit either A4 or A3. You will also need to show north correctly orientated.

The boundary of the application site will need to be outlined in Red. Any adjacent or nearby land owned by the applicant will need to be shown outlined in blue.

All of the above will need to be in exactly the correct position, the exact size and to a similar standard as Ordnance Survey Mapping.

What Data is normally used for Site Plans?

The Planning Portal and local councils recommend that you use Ordnance Survey mapping data. This is because the Ordnance Survey have the most up to date and comprehensive mapping of the UK. 

Ordnance Survey continuously survey the whole of the UK. Primarily through aerial photography. They have teams of cartographers who interpret the aerial data to create and update their maps. This includes around 450 million individual features called TOIDS.

This mapping is refreshed every 6 weeks to keep it as up to date as possible for the customer.

Ordnance Survey Mapping is supplied in many different levels of accuracy. For Site Plans councils prefer the most accurate mapping, which is called Mastermap®, this is because it shows the outline of each house, the pavement, dipped curbs and many other features. 

Creating Your Site Plan from Ordnance Survey Data

We take the Mastermap® data, which is the best quality mapping Ordnance Survey provide and scale this to 1:200 or 1:500 for your site plan. We then help you to add outlines to show your propose development as the council require to consider your application. 

Each Site Plan we create from Ordnance Survey Mastermap® data is unique.

Free Printed Maps

However, once you have created a paid for site plan with us we will send free printed copies of your map. You only need to pay for the P&P.